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Raising the Bar: Four East Siders demonstrate that ‘development’ doesn’t have to be a dirty word

“…We’ve had a lot of success stories,” Sanders says. “Two of my retail shops at 1100 Fatherland, NancyBGoods and Thrive, moved from the Shoppes on Fatherland into the larger spaces they’re in now. We had five of our tenants that were in the Shoppes move to the new locations at 10th and Fatherland because they needed bigger spaces. I’ve had other Shoppes renters move out to larger spaces elsewhere, and we’ve been able to quickly fill their old spots — starting the process over again with new businesses.”

In addition to the commercial spaces, Sanders also developed the 20 condo units that compose the MC3 development on the corner of 11th and Russell Street. In slightly over a decade, the changes Sanders has helped bring to the neighborhood are breathtaking.”


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